Lesbian lover tied to bed and smothered by dominatrix

A bit of lesbian bondage this time where pretty lover is getting tied to bed in a spread eagle pose and then violated sexually by her dominant girlfriend. Natali Demore and Paris Kennedy are the beautiful BDSM couple who will spend the following couple of hours doing kinky things in their bedroom. Toy sex and forced facesitting: those are the things to be done to a helpless lover bound to bed!

Slave Paris is lying on her back and having her hands and legs spread wide. Girl's ankles and wrists are tightly tied to bed poles with white ropes: there is no way for her to escape the bondage captivity!

Nylon lovers should be happy with the way mistress Natali is dressed for the scene. Dominant lady is wearing black pantyhose which look really nice along with the short red skirt. I am expecting smothering action to be very exiting! But she need to undress tied to bed slave first.

It is hard to sit still and be cool when watching one woman undressing another during the bondage play. I am almost hanging at the edge of my seat as redhead dominatix unbuttons the shirt of the slave and pulls her skirt up. The fact that Miss Kennedy isn't wearing any underwear makes this process even kinkier. Click the banner below to access the movie of this episode: it will just blow your mind instantly!

Little bit of foot fetish goes after the forced stripping: tied to bed woman has to lick and suck Natali toes. It is clear that slave is enjoying the humiliation! But wait a minute! More fun is to come with facesitting action! Miss Demore does smothering professionally: her clitor has never been licked and sucked so well. Is there anything in the world of lesbian BDSM as naughty as bound to bed slave forced to eat pussy?

Pleased by the slave nicely, mistress is ready for more perverted activities. Plastic sex toy comes handy at this point. I better not tell you what is done with that dildo for the next half an hour! There isn't a single hole left in which it wasn't put deeply into. Paris almost gone crazy with the row of orgasms she forced to have. I am happy that she is tied to be so we can see every second of her tease in amazing details!

I've put just a few sample pictures in this post but you can see the rest of the images at the Bondage Orgasms website. It is the official site of Natali Demore where she having fun with her girlfriends. Click the banner above to go there now and see them tied to bed and teased mercilessly and watch hours of movies where beautiful lesbians love each other in BDSM style!

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